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Be water

You’re angry. I get it, you have every right to be. But don’t let that anger get in the way of peace, your peace. Only from a point of balance can we get perspective. From perspective we can find direction. And, with a direction, we can finally focus our energy, our efforts. Emotions are a very powerful part of being human. They are the silver linings of our, sometimes, grey surroundings. Emotions make moments significant, they make them valuable, worth something.

However, too much emotion will cloud your vision. It will dim the lights in the tunnel we are crossing and make us lose direction. So although emotions are a beautiful thing, a very necessary aspect of our decision making, they can at the same time be a destructive force, a trickster. To move towards a point of balance, we need to anchor these emotions onto actions. Make it the fuel of our behavior. In order to transcend the current human condition we are required to fire the arrow of truth through the smokescreen of lies in the center of the target, which is our own soul. At the middle of all the chaos around you is always you. This is the centerpiece of your existence and the first thing that should be in balance. There is no anger outside you that belongs to you, no fear or remorse. No sadness or jealousy. All of these emotions belong to you, and insofar as you experience these emotions are they a part of you. They shouldn’t control you, they should assist you, guide you, and support you.

So what is the reason you are overwhelmed by them sometimes? Is it bad to get caught up in your feelings? I think not, but being able to channel that energy into something you believe will make the world better, even just for a little bit, at least gives these emotions a practical reason to be in your life, a good reason.

The balance can be felt in the emotional transactions we make with the world everyday. In a situation we are overwhelmed by emotions, we are not protecting ourselves enough. From every direction you can suddenly feel attacked by feelings that you didn’t have before. Now, the weight of these feelings rests on your shoulders and they burden you. A heavy heart. As a form of defense you react; you put up a barricade of spikes and walls. You become prickly and snappy. Putting up a defense, sometimes in the form of attack, costs us a lot of energy. It drains us actually. And, as mentioned before, it clouds our perspective, our vision. Now, you have become an island. The empathic, caring person you are is paying energy to maintain a feeling of harmony between your inner world and the outer world. You close the gates because a flood would drown you. While closing gates, you also close possibilities. Different viewing points, perspectives. But, you don’t have to block the outer to protect the inner. With a greater sense of self worth and realizing your inner value and truth a certain resilience develops. Consequently, you can move from a point of balance, thus protection, to a state of openness. The gates can be opened again, because now you have found the difference between what feelings belong to you, and more importantly which don’t.

So, it’s okay to be angry, sad, jealous or spiteful. It is okay to have all these emotions. You have all the right to feel. But know that emotions can overwhelm, cloud our thoughts, and make us spikey and stingy. And when balanced in the totality of your being, can be your inspiration, compass and guide.

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